Adult Webmasters And Owners Of Adult Web Sites Can Generate Extra Monthly Income From Their Web Site Using The Revenue Earning Potential Of  Adult Affiliate Marketing Schemes

Adult Webmasters - Make Extra Revenue From Your Adult Web Site By Partnering As An Affiliate With Affiliate Marketing Schemes Specially Tailored For Web Sites With Adult Content

Do you want to earn regular extra income every month from your adult web site? Do you want to team up with an Adult Affiliate Marketing Program that really converts visitors into buyers and gives you a regular monthly revenue stream? There are plenty of ethical, well accepted methods for webmasters or webmistresses running adult web sites to make more money, for example -

Charging recurring subscriptions for access to restricted areas, and
Earning click through income by linking to other adult  web sites.

Adult Webmasters Income Generation - Earn Monthly Revenue From Your Adult Web Site
Revenue Earners For Adult Webmasters - Affiliate Marketing Schemes For Adult Web Sites

If adult webmasters want to add extra value to their adult oriented web sites by becoming Affiliates of online retailers or providers of mainstream services so as to earn extra income by means of monthly revenue commissions this has always been very difficult. Most online retailers - or merchants -  usually do not want to have their products or services associated with web sites containing adult content. If these retailers pre-vet web sites before accepting their applications to become an Affiliate, web sites of an adult nature will probably be rejected. If acceptance is automatic - as is often the case - at some future date your adult web site will be checked by the retailer and then rejected. If you are rejected at a later date all your hard work setting up the banner and product links and promoting your adult web site will have gone to waste. In addition, you will forfeit any outstanding commission income that has been earned by you but not yet paid.

Affiliate Marketing Schemes Specially Tailored For Web Sites With Adult Content

It is very unlikely that a web site containing adult content will be accepted by mainstream retailers who provide Affiliate Marketing opportunities to webmasters. However, we have experience of dealing with a small number of legitimate adult oriented companies who are happy to offer their goods or services for sale on an Associate basis on web sites with adult content. These companies are -

Adult Friend Finder - Online dating for liberated adults
Eden Fantasys - High quality sex aids and sex toys
Evidence Eliminator - Online privacy protection software
Hun Video Store - Adult DVDs at discount online prices
JT’s Stockroom - Bondage and fetish products
Lady Sonia - English MILF Masturbatrix photosets and videos
Screwbucks - Streaming adult videos of all types
Sybian Sex Machine - High quality sex machines for men and women.

Genuine Money Making Opportunities For Adult Webmasters And Owners Of Adult Web Sites To Sell Ethical Adult Related Products And Earn Recurring Commission Income Through Affiliate Marketing Schemes - No Programming Or Design Experience Necessary!

Adult Friend Finder Online Dating Service - Adult Friend Finder is reputed to be the largest online dating service in the World for singles and couples looking for sex and swinger contacts. Even if an Adult Friend Finder member is not actively seeking sex and swinger contacts himself or herself the very nature of the Adult Friend Finder Online Dating Service web site content makes membership attractive. Making membership attractive is what will add value to your own web site if you become an Adult Friend Finder Online Dating Service Affiliate. Once again the banners are attractive to visitors and can be tailored in a large variety of ways to suit your own adult web site content. There are various Schemes - or options - for earning commission, all of which are explained in detail so that you can make an informed choice. Click the link at the top of this page for more details about The Adult Friend Finder Online Dating Service Affiliate Scheme.

Eden Fantasys - The people at Eden Fantasys believe that the safe, consensual expression of sexuality is a crucial part of human life, and celebrate the fact that sexuality can be expressed in many ways. The high quality sex toys, books and DVDs sold by Eden Fantasys cater for sexually aware adults who are bisexual, straight and gay. People who are happily monogamous or joyfully polyamorous. People who are easy orgasmers and the pre-orgasmic. The Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program reflects the company philosophy, provides plenty of promotional tools to help webmasters maximize their revenue eraning potential and, most of all, offers a commission rate of at leats 20% on every sale made.  Click the link at the top of this page for more details about The Eden Fantasys Affiliate Scheme.

Evidence Eliminator Privacy Protection Software - Evidence Eliminator promotes a very powerful message to surfers - If you view adult or pornographic material online evidence of your browsing habits remain on your computer’s hard drive. If this evidence of your browsing habits is seen by, for example, your spouse, employer, computer repair man, or whoever, you are in danger of exposure, disgrace, unemployment, or even prosecution. Evidence Eliminator Privacy Protection Software destroys all traces of your Internet browsing habits and allows you to surf freely without fear. The Evidence Eliminator Privacy Protection Software Affiliate Scheme is probably the most generous you will find anywhere. Their commission rate is 50% on every sale, which means that an adult webmaster will earn a whopping $67.48 for every click through sale made. Click the link at the top of this page for more details about The Evidence Eliminator Privacy Protection Software Affiliate Scheme.

Hun’s Video And Toy Store - The Hun sells a huge range of adult DVDs, sex aids and sex toys, erotic lingerie and much more, and ships all over the World. You can add a wide range of revenue attracting banners to your adult web site, or easy to insert product links taking your visitors to specific product pages on The Hun’s Video And Toy Store web site. The Hun is therefore a potentially very valuable source of extra income for a webmaster with an adult web site since The Hun’s Video And Toy Store product links can be specifically tailored to the content of your own adult web site and to the interests of your visitors. With The Hun’s Video And Toy Store you will earn a very generous 20% commission on every sale generated via a click through from your adult web site. Click the link at the top of this page for more details about The Hun’s Video And Toy Store Affiliate Scheme.

JT’s Stockroom - JT's Stockroom delivers the best fetish, bondage, BDSM and S&M sexual products and technologies to liberated adults in an ethical manner that demonstrates respect for customers and affiliates as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults. The JT's Stockroom commitment is to provide discreet and convenient access to high quality adult products of a fetishistic nature at a reasonable price. They also provide a range of easy to use resources to support the development of profitable Affiliate Programs for webmasters who want to make regular monthly commission of 10%, 20% - and even more! Click the link at the top of this page for more details about The JT’s Stockroom Affiliate Scheme.

Lady Sonia - Lady Sonia.com is one of the biggest and most popular independent fetish niche sites on the web. We have many thousands of subscribers because we give them exactly what they are looking for thus enabling you to maximise on your conversions. The Affiliate Sign Up procedure for Lady Sonia is more complicated than the others featured here, but it is worth it because her web site is so sticky, and the commissions are among the highest in the adult industry. Persevere, follow the procedures, and you will be on your way to earning at least 50% on every sign up, plus at least 50% on monthly rebills, plus 10% on webmaster referrals. How can you lose with Lady Sonia!.  Click the link at the top of this page for more details about Lady Sonia’s Affiliate Scheme.

Screwbucks - Screw.COM is an adult web site portal that provides men exactly what they want – exclusive, high quality porn! There's good coverage of all the main XXX-rated categories of adult interest, and while some of the smaller niches aren't covered, visitors will find plenty to enjoy. For the price of a subscription, Screw.com an outstanding buy and a site many adult webmasters will want to be affiliated with. ScrewBucks - the Affiliate side of Screw.com - is operated by Internet Key, the same company that brought SexKey to adult webmasters. As a ScrewBucks Affiliate you will be Guaranteed the ability to turn hard earned traffic into a higher level of conversions via a variety of proven revenue concepts, ScrewBucks pays out on all trials and full memberships. Click the link at the top of this page for more details about The Screwbucks Affiliate Scheme.

Sybian Sex Machine - Abco Research, creators of the Sybian Sex Machine for women and the Venus 2000 for men, sell a small range of highly specialised, high value mechanical products which are attractive to sexually adventurous solos, couples and swingers. They offer high fixed commissions ranging from $200 up to $250. They are very strict with regard to limitations on how their products can be promoted - pay particular attention to their rules regarding keyword bidding, but at $200 to $250 a time it won’t be long before the commission starts rolling in. Click the link at the top of this page for more details about The Sybian Sex Machine Affiliate Scheme.

Generate Substantial Revenue By Promoting Adult Affiliate Programs On Your Adult Web Site

Maximize the revenue earning potential of your adult web site with Adult Affiliate Marketing. Afiliate Marketing is the ideal partnership for adult merchants and adult webmasters seeking mutually lprofitable Affiliate Marketing Solutions. The Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs featured here are the very best around and will provide adult webmasters or webmistresses everything needed to start making a regular monthly income as an Affiliate of one or more major players in the adult entertainment business. Browse through the list and find relevant Adult Affiliate Programs that you can promote. If you really want to become an Adult Affiliate and really want to make regular monthly income browse these web pages. We feature a small, highly selective list of Adult Affiliate Programs, making it easy to locate the Affiliate Partner that best suits you and your own adult web site. Whether you already have an established web site, or you're building a new one from scratch, here you'll find Adult Affiliate Programs that will help you to make your own web site more attractive - and more profitable!
If you are a webmaster with an existing web site, or are just starting out, and would like more information on how to make money on the Internet selling goods from reputable suppliers and taking a share of the profits from every item sold - with all of your earnings remitted monthly  by genuine Associate Scheme Partners - e-mail me now and I will be more than happy to advise.
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